Mindfulness and presence are important prerequisites for a fulfilling life.

Important prerequisites for a fulfilling life are mindfulness and presence.

The best form of practising presence and mindfulness in everything one does is meditation.

Meditation has a deeply relaxing and vitalising effect. It promotes our creativity and intuition, as well as serenity and openness. Only through mindfulness can I perceive my needs and feelings, as well as what is happening in my environment and to the people around me.

In everyday life, the opposite is often expected, namely to ignore one’s needs and feelings and to adapt to the requirements of the environment. Or to ignore many things in the environment and to adopt the view of others without question. In this way, we become inwardly unbalanced and lose our orientation, self-confidence and trust in our own power of judgement. This is often accompanied by a diffuse feeling of unease and an inability to find inner peace and one’s own centre.On request, I offer courses to introduce different forms of meditation. These meditation exercises are of magical simplicity and beneficial effect.

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